Support & Financial Contributions

Beyond Boundaries is made possible by the generosity and support of many people who share in the vision and spirit of BB.

Support has included bearing witness, engaging in cooperation, and offering in-kind and financial gifts. So far, people have been very gracious and excited to support a project that is focused on long-term thinking and solution-based, holistic development.  Your added contribution will bring us that much closer to our goal and help to strengthen the support network for the Beyond Boundaries participants and relations with our international collaborators.

Financial contributions can be $1 up to $50k, or more, and all are valuable and necessary for BB to make the most effective responses possible.

Whether your contribution is financial, personal or hands-on, thank you for your support and being a part of this dream.

2014 Gratitude

We are forever grateful for the support of the “process”, the willingness to operate a bit differently than NGO’s, the commitment to nature’s way and changing movements, each year confirming what is essential and right to do. Below is a list of 2014 supporters – and hundreds more have contributed financially, in-kind, and otherwise throughout the years. Thank you all, all ways…

Roger and Margo Milliken, Krystyna Juryzkowski, Grant Abert, American Indian Institute, Network for Good, RSF Social Finance, Laura Montoya, Aaron Frederick, Frederick Marx, Vance Martin, Kevin McDuff, Pamela Stones, and Sharon Shay Sloan

We also want to thank so many stellar stewards of Three Creeks supporting this work to happen – with special kudos for extra time and care to…

Maria Bucaro & Clif Weldon, Mark Whisperian, Sally Silverstone, Sam Deboskey, Sharon Shay Sloan, Cameron Phelps, and Siri Gunnarson