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About Yvan Rytz

Yvan (31) grew up on the shores of Geneva’s Lake, in Switzerland, in front of the majestic Mt Blanc, which left a profound imprint into his personality. He holds a degree in Human Geography and Environmental Sciences and a Masters in Holistic Science from Schumacher College (UK). He was the youngest ever member of Parliament at a regional level in Switzerland and was an active member of the Green Party. He has lived and worked in various eco-villages and communities around the globe, in particular The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. He is a Way of Council trainer for the European Council Network and has trained as a Rite of Passage guide with the School of Lost Borders. He facilitates workshops and offers lectures on ecopsychology and deep ecology, as well as in the field of non-formal education. He loves the smell of bonfires and the twinkling of stars in the vast Unknown.

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