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Weaving Earth Immersion

September 7, 2016 - May 19, 2017

Recognizing our interdependency with all life, the WE Immersion seeks to cultivate leaders, stewards and pioneers for a socially just, ecologically harmonious and consciously awakened future. Join us for this 9-month journey, September 2016 – May 2017. Now accepting applications.

Today’s world calls for fully alive, fully connected, fully expressed individuals. It calls for people with creative ingenuity, a desire to learn and the ability to collaborate and problem solve. It calls for people with an identity that is rooted in relationship to the whole, and the passion and tools needed to respond to the great work before us. The We Immersion supports the emergence of these attributes and qualities in all of the participants who join in.

Curriculum Overview
Click through the sections below to learn about some of the skills that participants in the Immersion program will develop:

  • Deep Nature Connection

    Humans evolved in connection with nature. Awakening our authentic connection with the natural world helps us rediscover the full scope of our human capacities and potential, realigning human genius with its own inspired source. Connection skills in the WE Immersion will help you:

    • Learn the art of understanding Bird Language
    • Cultivate deep skills of observation and pattern recognition
    • Expand your sensory awareness
    • Understand whole systems through holistic tracking
    • Read the landscape
  • Mentoring

    The health and survival of people and place are dependent upon cultural structures that support the successful mentoring of each new generation. By creating an intentional culture of mentoring that fosters deep relationship to self, community and nature, we ensure the health and vitality of both people and place.
Acquire skills that enable you to:

    • Facilitate & evoke curiosity and creativity in yourself and others
    • Listen deeply
    • Facilitate group dynamics and interactions
    • Design & inspire mentoring experiences
    • Apply a mentoring model in your own community, life & work
  • Applied Permaculture: From Backyard to Big Picture

    Permaculture is a whole systems approach to design that recognizes human settlements as a key part of earth’s biological cycles. Permaculture design strategies create holistic systems that are in alignment with nature’s beauty, resiliency and innate intelligence. Permaculture works with people and landscapes to create a human presence that is bountiful in food, water & fertility, and that enhances the overall health of the ecosystem.
Learn with WE’s team of professional Permaculture designers:

    • Permaculture design principles & strategies
    • Gardening through the seasons
    • Food forest & annual garden design, maintenance and harvest
    • Applied Permaculture – real world projects from design to implementation
    • Soil, water & habitat restoration
  • Tending the Wild: Fostering Relational Stewarship

    For 99% of our existence, humans engaged actively in a reciprocal relationship with their ecosystems. This relationship increased the health, resilience, and fecundity of the whole. As participants in the broader ecology, humans had to know their places as intimately as they knew themselves—attuning to the natural patterns and rhythms of the land. Returning to this form of active stewardship with the natural world will help to restore the historic balance between humanity and earth.
Become caregivers, protectors and stewards of the natural world through:

    • Ecosystem restoration
    • Wild-crafting (food, fiber, fire, basketry, etc)
    • Learning how to identify & use edible & medicinal plants
    • Earth living skills – fire, water, shelter, food
    • Immersion into reciprocal relationships with the natural world
    • Understanding when to tend to a landscape, and when to leave it alone
  • Peacemaking: Creating Resilient Relationships

    Of all the technologies available for the creation of a healthy, regenerative culture, Peacemaking is among the most important for us to practice. It is simple, but not always easy. We work with traditional Peacemaking tools that define cultural structures enabling embodied understanding of right-action, powerful self-awareness, and the foundations for healthy relationships to others.
Peacemaking helps you:

    • Cultivate inner peace
    • Navigate reciprocal relationships across difference
    • Gracefully negotiate & reconcile conflict
    • Understand the role of ceremony in the health of individuals & communities
    • Choose your finest words: Speak and listen from the heart
    • Cultivate unity with self and others.
  • Inner Tracking: Applying Pattern Recognition to the Internal Landscape

    In order to move through the natural cycle of human development towards wholeness, one must look at all aspects of the self, the shadows and the light. Understanding and learning from our experiences makes us ready to offer our whole selves and our gifts to the world.
Inner Tracking skills help you:

    • Learn to track and release personal obstacles and blocks
    • Learn to identify your gifts and the gifts of others
    • Cultivate forgiveness and adaptability
    • Understand the self within the context of natural cycles
    • Generate vision and strong intention for the life you would love to lead
  • Holistic Leadership & Community Capacity

    The kind of leadership that we need now is that which considers all connections, is community-based and creative, and is looking from the broad vantage point of both the individual’s needs and the well being of whole systems. This is leadership that is born out of the healthy maturation of the human spirit. When a community is infused with such leadership, community capacity arises naturally, catalyzing a cycle of resiliency and interdependence between people, community & place.
Training in Holistic Community Leadership teaches:

    • Systems-thinking
    • Activation of personal gifts
    • Honoring transitions
    • Regenerative Community Design
    • Healthy human development & Rites of Passage
  • Connection to Creativity

    Authentic creativity is more than the ability to make a beautiful piece of art or create an incredible piece of music. It has to do with opening a channel for inspiration and allowing it to move through us unhindered. It has to do with quieting our minds and opening our senses. It has to do with trusting the integrity of who we are, and allowing our unique gifts and fullest expression to come through. From this kind of authentic creativity, emergent solutions and innovations are born.
Pathways to Creativity:

    • Deep sensory awareness and expansion
    • Storytelling & improvisation
    • Music & song creation
    • Edge experiences
    • Practice of gratitude


September 7, 2016
May 19
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Sonoma County
Bay Area, CA United States


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