Walking Water

The current and emerging critical issues of water worldwide and specifically in California, we feel, will best be resolved through collaborative thinking, organizing and working together.

The intention of Walking Water (WW) is to convene and catalyze regional and global partners to highlight, bring awareness to and contribute possible solutions to both the local and global situation of water.

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Walking Water is an invitation, an action, an educational journey and a prayer intended to bring together the voices of the many Peoples of the Eastern Sierra and Los Angeles watersheds through the act of walking together – through a pilgrimage that follows the waterways – natural and man-made — between the Owens Valley and Los Angeles (LA).

It is rooted in the way of council — an ancient and modern practice of deep listening and speaking, that contribute to community building, the sharing of old and new stories, the healing of differences and conflict. In complement, as part of the pilgrimage, the project will include a combination of internet presence and on-the-ground events, presentations, relevant films and dialogues in the Valley, along the route and in LA.

Mono Lake, California – photograph by David Wright.

Through pilgrimage, council and the associated events, this project will catalyze storytelling, knowledge sharing and, we hope, the discovery of new possible directions and solutions for the future of water. We see this as a kind of acupuncture, a local action that will ripple through the larger body of the place, the people and perhaps even the country and the world.

The Pilgrimage will be set in three phases over three years in order to give an opportunity to weave additional and complimentary projects and to allow for more time during the walk itself.

In 2016, starting September 23rd, Phase 2 will take place from Owens Lake to the Cascades. Together, we will walk roughly 200 miles in the high desert of the Eastern Sierra, along the natural and man-made waterways, joining together in vision and care for the water and our shared future. We walk with the prayer may there be enough for all and every life.

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  • The issue of water management is the most crucial on the planet. I was surprised by my belief in the desert. When I came here I didn’t know if it was possible to be self-sufficient here. Now I see the water. There is a solution, we do not have to accept desert. It is so easy, we can correct the mistakes of the past hundreds of years in contact with nature.
    Bernd Muller, Tamera (Portugal)