Three Creeks

Three Creeks is a small oasis in the Eastern Sierra – a sanctuary, a home, a place to mark transitions, to strengthen one’s care and commitment through quest, council, retreat and service – owned and stewarded by guides from the School of Lost Borders, Beyond Boundaries, and The Ojai Foundation, along with founders and members of the Biosphere Foundation, and many Bioneers who come and go.

The Owens Valley is a place of extremes, one hour’s drive from Death Valley and Mt. Whitney, where nature is vast enough to hold and mentor us all. It’s a place where even our deepest secrets and shadows can be brought into the spacious light of the desert sun.

We have heard Three Creeks called “bump friendly,” a place to learn, to heal, to ceremonially mark transition and change; to confirm what you care about, what you want, and what is truly possible; to show up and be simply and fully who you are.

People call this oasis a paradise and a haven and we know we need each other to make it so. Since we came here we have worked with the trees mostly, reduced a huge amount of lawn, re-awakened vegetable gardens, added solar panels and made a few simple renovations we could afford. There is always more to do and we look to those who want to be partners, guests, and allies, to help make it even more a habitat that cares for the critters, the water, the land, and the people.

Visiting Three Creeks

People who have been part of programs, trainings and projects are invited to apply for a two-week minimum visit. Spend time alone and together on five acres with the few others who are sharing the stewardship of Three Creeks.

Visitors are offered…

  • A time and place for reflection, renewal, learning, healing, writing, laughing, listening, changing, confirming, and contributing to a bigger story of shared care for our world.
  • A time and place for deepening connection to nature… to be in the water of life surrounded by the lost borders of the high desert and the Pinyon/Juniper wilderness.

In exchange…

  • We ask for your help and participation on the land and some basic caretaking tasks.
  • Three hours work each day, or roughly 20 to 25 hours a week.

We offer camping with benefits: a 24′ yurt with camp kitchen and wood burning stove, a 15′ dome with a view across the pond to the Sierras, and large screened tents surrounding the pond and in a tiny forest, all with access to a community bath, office, living room and kitchenette, and a meditation/yoga room. Wi-fi internet is available.

Nearby are hot springs, a beautiful dry wash with petroglyph walls, dormant volcanoes in the back yard, water birds and desert animals as co-residents, a large swimming pond, two vast mountain ranges for hiking, our elders in the ancient Bristlecone Pine forest for conversations, and the Inyos, “Dwelling Place of Great Spirit,” for fasting and prayer.

Longer stays are negotiable. Contact Us for more information.

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