Our Reports

Bearing witness is a BB best practice. Reports are written to share the story of our work and also to bear witness to the people, places, processes and lessons learned with each Collaboration & Initiative.

2013 Summer Report - Building Relations of Cooperation

In May of 2013 Beyond Boundaries (BB) travelled again to Tamera, a community in Portugal dedicated to creating a comprehensive model for peaceful culture. This journey was in response to an invitation for Gigi to teach and for the BB team to participate in and give support to the GLS, the Science of Transformation course, the evolution of Testfield I, and the 3rd International Water Symposium. Download the full report here.

13 Grandmothers Report

The Grandmothers represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for the Earth, her inhabitants, the children and the next 7 generations to come. This report by Beyond Boundarian Siri Gunnarson, shares the experience of attending the 2012 Council of Indigenous Grandmothers in Montana.

The Dreaming Continues – Tamera Report 2012

Shay and Siri returned to the Tamera community as friends and supporters, colleagues and collaborators, and as a response to a call from Tamera to participate in the Global Love School and the 2nd Annual International Water Symposium. In this report you will find the reflections on the visit as well as possible ways that collaboration may continue in the future. Read more in this 2012 Report.