Pilgrimage in its simplest definition means sacred journey. It combines elements of work, travel, play and dedication in a way that asks everything, demanding presence, attention, response to unforeseen needs and the willingness to be guided by vision. Moving in this way gives the gift of witnessing an emerging new mythos unfolding in many areas of the globe.

Alone and together, we listen for how to build common ground, sustainability and environmental solutions to common problems like energy, water treatment, housing, relationships between people and the natural world, ancestry and how so many efforts are being made toward a positive future for all. As one pilgrim put it:

“This is the most comprehensive and demanding education and training I have ever done, because it requires my whole person, calling both my inner and outer life work to merge into one daily act.” Shay, Beyond Boundarian.

We choose an inner and outer journey; walking day by day knowing that our willingness to learn and grow affects the learning and growth of the whole; living in integrity and truth, with who we are and what we say, living council, listening inside and out; and being willing to carry ourselves into the world, ready to engage, to stay awake, to step up or down as needed.

As pilgrims on the BB pilgrimage, we stepped into the bigger planetary story of our unknowing in a conscious way, choosing to treat the entire year like a wilderness fast—choosing to listen in that way at each point along our path.

  • …We need to renew ourselves in territories that are fresh and wild. We need to come home through the body of alien lands. For some, these journeys of change are taken intentionally and mindfully. They are pilgrimages, occasions when Earth heals us directly. Pilgrimage has been for me, and many others, a form of inquiry in action.
    Joan Halifax, A Fruitful Darkness
  • “To enter the mystery, come into contact with the divine and honor the good work being done around the world. In this time, so much attention is given to crisis areas, our minds are filled with bad news stories. By bringing our attention and presence to these centers of life, we become part of and support the growing net-work of healing work being done on our planet.
    Siri, Beyond Boundarian