Council practice is an ancient and modern form of communication, a way to be together as people, in community with each other and all life. You find the roots of council in every civilization, from Europe to Asia to the Americas. As humans, we have made our way by sharing our stories, be it around the fire, through bedtime stories or in tribal councils.

In the practice of council, we enter into a deep listening with each other and with the place we are in. Each of us is asked to speak our own truth, telling our story, exploring a way that serves ourselves and the whole. Engaging council using different forms, topics and venues was a cornerstone of our journey, a practice that holds a piece of the whole.

When we each fully take our seat, carrying our story, our position, our truth, it inspires others to do the same. This offering combined with deep listening from the heart, allows our commonality to surface, blending our small stories into the larger story of humanity. As individuals, we can enter into council with each other and with the earth itself, listening for our part in the whole.

In council, the boundaries of the individual voice and the voice of the whole circle interweave and merge. By carrying this practice throughout our journey the boundaries of our community of eight mirrored that dynamic, helping us to join and become part of the communities we entered and the global community as well.

Council is as much about the space between the words as it is about what is being said.

  • “Council for us is an old way and a new way, a meeting of minds and hearts, a practice and a process, a form and a way of life.”
    Gigi, Beyond Boundarian
  • “…Council is a way to pray and it gives me hope… it’s prayer and action, prayer in action… a prayer that people would take this time and commitment and listening into the world…. making it easier for people to engage in a similar pattern across the planet… with hope, yes… hope that there is a seat for every voice, a role for everyone to play… that isn’t discounted or buried or abused… that I can be myself with people… that I can love through listen-ing… that I don’t need to say it all…”
    Sam, Beyond Boundarian