In 2009, eight Americans embarked on a year-long pilgrimage that in some ways has never ended. We were an intergenerational group, traveling together to bear witness, to learn, to offer ourselves in service to centers of regenerative culture around the world, to the transformative work being done, living into the questions of our times.

Since then, the work and way of BB has grown and expanded in response to invitations and calls for support, calls coming from a growing global community of highly dedicated people and places, “watering holes” for regenerative culture.

Our intergenerational team is now 17 strong. Together, we continue as a kind of response team for our times, carrying, living, and offering when asked, the best community practices we know: council, quest, rites of passage, pilgrimage, ancestral tracking, bearing witness, new perspectives in organizational development, permaculture teachings, and whatever seems to be needed within our capabilities. Through it all, we are bearing witness to the human condition in this critical time of planetary change and lending a helping hand at “acupuncture points,” watering the good news stories.

We are volunteers, giving our time and receiving many gifts along the way. Occasionally, small stipends or donations are offered.

We see Beyond Boundaries not as an organization, but rather as an organizing principal: It is a listening, a weaving, a response team, and a series of actions, journeys, and projects.

We continue to listen for new expressions of Beyond Boundaries.